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Our Ariosi Team

Joanna Cross, Chief Operating Officer

Joanna Cross

Chief Operating Officer

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Tracie Crombie, Head of Training

Tracie Crombie

Head of Training

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Shani Clarke, Client Manager

Shani Clarke

Client Manager

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Our OrbiRelo Team

Jo Webb, Head of OrbiRelo

Jo Webb

Head of OrbiRelo

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Raquel Costa, Account Manager

Raquel Costa

Account Manager

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Mwewa Chilufya, Client Manager

Mwewa Chilufya

Senior Administrator

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Nurul Amran, Administrator (APAC)

Nurul Amran

Administrator (APAC)

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Harriet Taylor, Administrator (EMEA)

Harriet Taylor

Administrator (EMEA)

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Hajar Atmareh, Administrator (APAC)

Hajar Atmareh

Administrator (APAC)

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